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  • Shield Vs Hydra Shield vs Hydra Lenticular Mosaic - This Shield vs Hydra lenticular mosaic measures 45 x 40 inches, nearly 16,000 pieces and weighs 12 lbs.  Total build time including design and construction was 75 hours between two builders, Richard Glatter and Ashley Holley.  The design was based on previous builds by Arthur Gugick.  A lenticular mosaic is a type of mosaic where […]
  • arklug300 ArkLUG is BACK! -   Sorry for the bit of downtime on the website.  Had some web issues before Brickworld and took us a bit to get them worked out due to timing and work schedules.  Now back to your regularly scheduled LEGO info!

13th of May 2016 10:59 AM Link
The Bryant Public Schools' Hornet Engineering students dropped in on the 2016 North Little Rock Mini Maker Faire, and made this cool video out of it! Check out some great highlights and a glimpse of our LEGO city and train layout!
7th of May 2016 05:10 PM Link
Our layout today at the north little rock mini maker faire!
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7th of May 2016 12:54 PM Link
Show exhaustion. We are still here for another 2 hours! At maker faire north little rock
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7th of May 2016 08:45 AM Link
R2D2 standing guard at Maker Faire, can't get any minifigs past him!
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7th of May 2016 08:42 AM Link
Hello from Maker Faire!
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7th of May 2016 07:15 AM Link
Arklug is setting up at maker faire in north little rock!
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6th of May 2016 06:36 AM Link
Arklug will be at the north little rock mini maker faire tomorrow from 10-4. Come out and see us!
27th of April 2016 08:09 AM Link
Thought we could all appreciate this. That's a lot of track
8th of April 2016 08:50 AM Link
Our own Patrick Massey got blogged on brothers brick #comments" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"> #comments
2nd of April 2016 09:38 AM Link
Our layout today at the main library with calscon. Come and check it out. Main library downtown from 10-4
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