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10th of October 2015 08:53 PM Link
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10th of October 2015 03:17 PM Link
ArkLUG's first Main Library display in 2013 vs. the display today!
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10th of October 2015 03:13 PM Link
ArkLUG, oh my how we have grown!
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10th of October 2015 12:51 PM Link
Having a lot of fun today at the LEGO show. Come see us until 4 pm at Imaginations Created in Benton!
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10th of October 2015 10:02 AM Link
Arklug is at imaginations created in Benton near Sutherland and Walmart we will be here until 4
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8th of October 2015 07:15 AM Link
4th of October 2015 03:26 PM Link
Don't forget, this Saturday, October 10th ArkLUG will have a LEGO city layout on display at Imaginations Created in Benton. Admission is free so come please come take a look!
11th of August 2015 02:56 PM Link
10th of August 2015 12:10 PM Link
What do you think about the new Big Bang theory set? I enjoyed building it and there is a ton of detail. I included a pic without the minifigs to show some of the detail
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31st of July 2015 05:24 PM Link
The Lego brickumentary that was released today on iTunes and in theaters includes lots of builds including this car that was built by one of our lug members. The black one second from the left. We are still watching and will post any other builds or sightings of our lug members!
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